FACE REVEAL!! (Sort of).

I think I should look into a job in horror movies. What about you? XD





9 thoughts on “FACE REVEAL!! (Sort of).

    1. Thanks. ☺️ The hair is really all you can see, though… eheehee. 😝

      I think I’m gonna make my first YouTube video soon. I will be sure to post it here when I do.

      (“Here” means on the blog, not on the hair-covered selfie page.)



  1. Cool! I used to take a lot of ‘faceless’ pictures of myself for a photography website I used to use. (It was a kid’s website, so they didn’t allow kids to post pictures with their face in it. My mom wouldn’t let me post pictures of my face online anyways XD)

    I’m debating whether or not I should vlog when I go to Jam Con…. I mean, last year so many people were vlogging, so I’d end up in a couple of YouTube videos anyway. :shrugs:

    Let me know when you start making videos, Kara πŸ˜€


    1. I will! We’ve got two blocks of footage already, but it’s far too rough to go on the Internet. Need to learn how to edit first. πŸ˜‹

      Yes, please do make a vlog! I’d love to see your take on VidCon! 😁



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