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This is Karalee, AKA DXplorergirl, and I’ve got another new page for ya’! 😀 This one’s for the miscellaneous bits of fanfiction that aren’t one of my never-finished continuing stories. As always, the newest stuff is first on the page!


This is a little ficlet (teeny-tiny fanfic) about Ida (from The Ida Story — which is another page on this blog). In this setting, she and Explorer Firstmoon have moved to the arctic regions of Jamaa in preparation for a misson.

Ida — Arctic. Chapter One And Only.

I wake up in the early hours of the morning, turning off the alarm I had set, softly making its rippling series of beeps. 4:30. I blink repeatedly, and yawn deeply — then, I’m fully awake. I know that if I don’t wake up very early, it’s going to be impossible to get up at a reasonable time… one of my peculiar quirks. 😛 I read for a while, flipping on a small lamp beside my bed. It’s still dark outside (too dark to read), but I see a dim twilight light starting to creep in through my window. The Arctic’s day is beginning. 5:00.
I pad downstairs, the floorboards of the carpeted stairs creaking under my purple, shaggy Snow Leopard claws. Our house seems fairly warm — maybe that’s the approaching summer, when things will grow and the sun will almost never go down — or maybe it’s that I’m accustomed to the temperatures now. I can’t be sure.
I step softly into the kitchen, flipping on the light before I have time to think about Phantoms hiding in the shadows. Not that I think they’re there, really… I just keep thinking about the impossible-possibility. Another quirk, I guess.
I turn on the coffee machine, pressing the button to make the water begin heating. I hear the strange whistling, rushing noise that the heating element makes.
I leave the kitchen light on, going into the darkened living room to do what I had come downstairs for. I see the Computer on our Rectangular Coffee Table, its wooden monitor sprouting one green leaf. (I momentarily wonder if I should have been watering our Computer all along.)
I curl up on the floor in front of the Computer. The dawning blue light is brighter now — 5:15. I am still for a moment, listening to the sounds of the heating coffee maker and thinking that it won’t make itself, I have to push the button to make myself a cup soon. I will when I hear the water stop heating, though.
I flip the Computer on. The first thing that comes up is current news. ‘Growing Concern In The Arctic — Mt. Shiveer Plagued By Strange Creature Suspected To Be Connected With Phantoms.’
Yeah. You don’t have to tell me twice.
That’s why my dad dragged us out here to this frozen land. He’s got the job of catching that thing. Or finding out what it is. …Or whatever.
Explorer Firstmoon is amazing, there’s no doubt. He always manages to get the job done, no matter what gets in his way (like Phantom-yeti-whatever-we-think-it-might-be-things). ‘And Ida Firstmoon will always be there to help him in as much of his work as I can’, I think with a smile.
But… as much as I know we need to know what this creature is….
I’m a little afraid to find out.
I change the website to Jamaa’s official site, The Daily Explorer. Tons of Jammers go there every day to talk, ask questions — the whole shebang. I type out in a story format what I’ve been doing this morning, all the while the dawn’s light growing steadily brighter outside and OH SNAP IT’S 6:44 I FORGOT THE COFFEE WATER HEATING HOW MUCH ELECTRICITY HAVE I WASTED *clicks mouse, screen goes blank*


(P.S. Hope you liked it!)

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