Hey, all y’all!

Since this is mainly a fanfiction/artwork blog, I figured that it’d be a good idea to have a Miscellaneous page.

Here, I can post an interesting glitch I’ve seen, a short recounting of something funny happening to me in AJ, or just anything cool that doesn’t fit with the rest of DXplorergirl’s content. (I picked a bad name for this blog. Always referring to myself in the third person now. >.<)

In addition, the comments on this page will function as Miscellaneous as well. Naturally, we put comments about the Frogsloth on the Frogsloth page, comments about Ida on the Ida page….Β Yeah, I’m kind of a neat freak online. XD Of course it’s not rigid, but can we please try, peeps? πŸ™‚Β 

Of course, there’s always gonna be some comments that don’t relate to any page, and this is where we can stick ’em.

New stuff will continually be added, (newest first, like the rest of the blog,) so keep an eye out! πŸ˜€



Hello! I’ve been “tagged”!

This is Purplestarclub’s tag, and I was tagged by Gfox0!

One. Have you ever hacked/scammed anyone?

*sigh* This is a tricky one, and I really don’t like the answer, ‘cuz it’s complicated. The simple answer is; not intentionally. What really happened was that, once, in my noob days, I tried the “gift by J.A.G.s” thing. While I did gift everyone back, I didn’t know the scale of Rare items very well at the time. I didn’t realize that practice was considered scamming, I thought it was just another, more random form of trading. Apparently an HQ moderator thought different, and I had my trading and gifting restricted for three days. :L Not griping exactly, I know that all forms of “scamming” have to be punished for the sake of Jamaa. I just wish someone had told me it was bad, maybe in the official Animal Jam Rules? I never would have done it had I known it was frowned upon.

Two. Main animal?

Hyeeenaaaaaaaa! CX (With a white Princess Dress.)

Three. How many parts of the community are you in?

Whoo, let’s see…. *counts on paw-digits* I’m a blogger, a Masterpiece-maker, I’m somewhat active on Instagram (by the way, my username’s karalee_aj, no PII on my account, mostly AJ stuff and some of my drawings. Feel free to Follow me! C: ) I’m not a YouTuber yet, but I hope to develop a channel in the somewhat-near future.

Four. When do you plan on quitting Animal Jam?

I don’t! CX

Five. Favorite blogs?

Um… all of them? All the ones I frequent, anyway. (I need to do a blog-list-page-thingie…. Mom called it Link Love, I think.)

Six. Bad habits?

Idunno. *shrug* I’ve gotta have ’em, they just don’t come to mind right now. Chewing on the end of my stylus?

Seven. Ever gotten scammed or hacked?

Scammed, once. A Rare Bowler Hat for a “beta Tiara”. Again, it was in my noob days. I didn’t even know what a beta Tiara was then, the scammer just said it was valuable.

Eight. On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you care about rares?

If one is “hate ’em with a passion”, five is “indifferent”, and ten is “they’re the very meaning, essence, and purpose of AJ”? Β Imma have to go with… six. They’re cool, yes. They’re good for trading for things I do want. That said, there aren’t many of them (at least the vaguely affordable ones) that go with my style, and I can’t pull off wearin’ a Spiked Collar to save my life account.

Welp, there we go! And now I tag… Sarahkey8 and Ja983! πŸ˜€ Have fun, guys!




Yo peeps! πŸ˜› Okay, that was cheesy. But I like cheese! CX

So. This is a map of the Lucky Clovers Adventure (not made by me!), but I like to call it The Forgotten Clover. It IS basically the same thing.


White dots are clovers, red dots are… Treasure Chests? Wow, I don’t remember there being so many.



Hey guys. πŸ™ƒ I am BORED STIFF, so I decided to do a bit of a backwards selfie. πŸ˜‹ This is essentially what I see right now, no PII included. (Amaretti is the brand on the cookie tin, not our name…. πŸ˜†) Our computer… the one I named Anthony. Cookie tin. I now use that for storage. A drawing I spent about two hours on. I’m really happy with it. That shiny bit on the far right is the bottom of a can of (macadamia) nuts, and the gray-blue thing peeping out directly on the left of it is my brother’s sleeve. ☺️ Still waiting for Mom to come home with the bday cake… really excited!



Ninth entry!

Guess who popped up when Sarah, Custard, and I were talking! I hope we make it into a video! πŸ˜› I’m now able to say I’ve seen a famous Jammer, for anyone who asks. (You’d be surprised how many people do.)




Eighth entry!

Mental distraction: Drawing, daydreaming, half-watching a YouTube video your brother has on, and having a song stuck in your head, all at once. This, coupled with a stray thought about being hungry, leads to odd impulses. Case in point; the desire to eat your pencil. πŸ˜’ Very brief, I hasten to add! 😝




Seventh entry!

Okay, so, Mom and I are sitting at the kitchen table. She’s playing Minecraft PE with my little sister and brother. I’m drawing in the Art studio. (Hyena Masterpiece. I’m really excited to finish it! XD )

We’re discussing the plotline for the urgently-needed Frogsloth chapters. Needless to say, having a Minecraft snowball fight with two little kids can be distracting, so where Baron Vontoes is discussing the Frogsloth’s appearance in legends and history relating to his age, she says;

“…And he’s trying to convince them of this, so Baron says, ‘Just think about how far back the Snow Golem stories go– ‘”

I laughed myself silly. *pictures a SnowFrogGolem*




Sixth entry! :O

For a very brief time, my username was switched to Jammer7b4q8d! I had no idea Karalee was inappropriate! O.O

Unfortunately, I was so shaken up, I did not think to take a screenshot. Apparently the reporter in me still needs honing. CX

I do have these screenshots of Daily Explorer comments and replies, in which I extend a passionate cry for help to AJHQ. XD Now, I can check off the box on Julian2’s AJ Bingo sheet, “cried over Animal Jam”. Just a little, though. πŸ˜‰

But before I could see my comment approved, I refreshed, to continue playing AJ under a different, anonymous name… forever! *sniff* I felt like Cain, an outcast! Never to be known as Kara again! It really had become my name, and my alias for all online dealings.

Imagine my surprise and joy when, lo and behold, I WAS KARALEE AGAIN! And there’s more, the update was out! My cup runneth over, as David put it. πŸ˜‰ (Hmm, what’s with all the poetic Bible references today?)

I went to the DE again to tell HQ the good news! (I somehow assumed it was a momentary glitch related to the imminent update, I did not get logged out, so I assumed odd things were happening.)

I saw afterwards that both comments were approved, though the actual report was edited out. I wonder why? Perhaps they don’t want their glitches spread all over the Internet for all to see.


Wait… she did? Sarah was the one who was with me when the fact was discovered, but I had no idea she was ahead of me in asking for help with my problem. I scrolled lower through the comments, and found this.


My response to HQ and Sarah….


Sarahkey8, that was so sweet of you! If I could give out a Jammer Positive Player Award, I would! *gasp* *remembers* I do! I have the second PPP still in my inventory! :O πŸ˜€


*cue “momentous occasion” music* *Karalee and Sarahkey8 standing on a stage, reminiscent of the Grammy Awards, Karalee holding plaque* *Karalee speaks*

“Sarahkey8, I hereby present you with this Positive Player Plaque, for services rendered above and beyond the call of duty… Wait….” *checks notecards in paw* *whispers anxiously*

“No, no! That was for Sir Bravejammer’s award last month…!”

*looks up at crowd* O.O “Welp, prepared speech goes out the window.” *tosses notecards over shoulder* *Turns to Sarah*

“Sarahkey8, this is for you. Because you were there for me. Because you saw what happened, knew how upset I was, and took steps to help me, bringing the matter to AJHQ’s attention even before I could.

I was saving this plaque for months, knowing that someday I’d find a very special Jammer who deserves it. And I know you deserve it.”

*hands plaque to Sarahkey8* *crowd applauds for the super-Positive Player* *can’t resist the urge to hug Sarah*


Of course, as nice as the symbolic-script award ceremony is, we must settle for the far less glamorous alternative of trading the plaque for a Necklace. o_o But hey, not even AJ’s perfect. *shrug* πŸ™‚

Congratulations, Sarah. πŸ˜‰ You’re a very Positive Player, and a wonderful buddy.




Fifth entry!

Spiked Collars. A businessjammer’s dream, an artist’s nightmare. >.< They’re so full of angles, and they must relate to each other precisely, or risk looking inauthentic! Anyone else experienced this?

Fourth entry!

Figured this was pretty miscellaneous! XD One of my more successful suppers. πŸ˜‰ Yummmmmm….

Third entry!

I was attempting to make my Horse’s mane tan, when I inadvertently hit a secret magenta! Never heard of anyone finding this, so I thought I’d post it!


Can’t seem to get it again, unfortunately, but it was somewhere around the tan color in the top row of the second color-selection panel. (Note: My screen was zoomed in 110%, so this may be necessary for anyone attempting to get the color.)




Second entry!

Just a joke this time, brought on by the Oktoberfest potluck our church had today. I got to help in the kitchen! πŸ˜€

Q. What does the Frogsloth drink at a Thanksgiving party?

A. Apple spider! (cider)

Just glad nobody made any jokes about the German sausage. They’re the wurst…. >.<




Here we go, first entry in the Miscellaneous category! πŸ˜€


This screenshot shows a very strange thing. It’s a New Jammer. Not an odd sight in itself, but this New Jammer has several long Rare Spiked Collars and a RIM Headdress!

Now, that’s perfectly reasonable, you’d say. It might be a backup storage account.

Indeed, but are most storage accounts Club Members? And no matter how long it takes to approve a username, (my recently-approved backup took a few months, ugh) no New Jammer I have ever seen has had a Level 21 Eagle. O.o

What’s going on here? Leave your ideas or answers in the comments! πŸ˜€



424 thoughts on “Miscellaneous


    So first I woke up, and then I unloaded the dishwasher and had breakfast, and then I did my school,
    and then I skipped lunch, and then Pob and Ja got their piano books, and mom took them to piano, Bunnygirl and Nas went with them too, and then we watched a movie, and I had to change Boo Boo’s diaper, which luckily wasn’t very much, and then I put on a movie, Defenders Of Berk,
    and after watchign a couple episodes Boo Boo did a stinky
    and it was so gross 😦
    Idk if I want to describe it…
    it was black with some blood, and it was a LOT of poop πŸ˜₯
    and then I put him in his bed for a nap, and then went downstairs on the computer, and thennn my dad came down and said he was going to take Boo Boo to the doctor, and I was to go with him,when we got there, and went into the nurse’s office, she just asked some questions, and then a doctor came in, felt his heartbeat I think, checks his tempature, and then another nurse came in, to take some blood to send to the lab to find out what was wrong, it was so sad 😦 He was crying a bunch, and I felt like crying too (Which I did a little :/) when it was finally over (felt like forever v.v) the nurse left and we waited SERIOUSLY for like 25 minutes maybe more, until the doctor came in again, and said that something in his stomach might be bleeding, idk how serious it is, but then the doctor said to go to a children’s hospital, so we got home finally, I got out of the car, my mom went in the car to go to that hospital,
    I had dinner, then went on the computer, and then watched I Love Lucy for a while, while talking to Fox, and Gracie πŸ™‚ and then I had to go, and I had a snack. and went back on the computer XDD
    and then my mom called like 4 minutes ago to say goodnight, because she is going to have to stay there with Boo for a couple of nights, my dad will probably come home in like 2 days, maybe even tomorrow, she is probably only have to stay for like 3 days hopefully

    And thats my day!

    Please continue to pray for Boo Boo



    I woke up at around 8:55 AM ish, *I had to sleep in, woke up so early on Sunday XD* then I went on my phone, read my Bible, and got up. I went on AJ, then ate breakfast (bagel and yogurt, yumm!) then I got dressed, and I think I went on AJ again for a bit. Then I edited my Tuesday post, and then did some school. It was pretty easy today XD Then I went on AJ.. AGAIN XDD And I drawed a self-portrait
    on there! I like how it turned out 😊. Then it was time for lunch, chili! My mom had some too, and she gave both of us two corn tortillas on the side. I tried to make a chili tequito of sorts, and the tortilla cracked- oops o.o. Then I pretty much stay cooped up on my laptop all day πŸ˜› then I got nervous, because we had to go out to dinner with some people from church. We’re still there- been here for a while, my parents are chatty XD
    Aaaaaand that was my day c: pretty laid back- didn’t do much.

    Remember, God made YOU!


    1. Oh, dear, I seem to have missed the previous comment…. o.o Very sorry, Gracie.

      I… didn’t do much.

      I remember waking up… and eating breakfast… but before that I started laundry because that takes all day and so I started early. And then I watched TV shows for a while… and then messaged Gfox on Instagram for a while, as well as Animusturtle (Crystal… with numbers I can’t remember oh dear XD on AJ). I drew a picture of Crystal from a description she gave me, and she’s drawing Fuzzyspider. (And btw guys, spend more time with Gfox. πŸ˜‰ She misses us.) And I think lunch was a while before that and it was (pretty yummy) leftovers. All in-between this I was watching DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. And… then supper… which I didn’t want much of, so I mostly nibbled at Brussels sprouts. And then more video-watching, and them here.

      …Yeah, Monday’s are my weekend, it seems. XD

      (And at one point I got on AJ to get the Daily Spin, the RiM, and a picture of Fuzzyspider, which took, like, all of three minutes so I REALLY NEED TO BE MORE ACTIVE ON AJ!)



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